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UnderTone UNFa-1 Accessory Box

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The UNFa-1 Accessory is an add-on to the UnFairchild 670m mkII vari-mu tube compressor/limiter. It adds a whole new world of flexibility and function to the already versatile recreation of the Fairchild circuit. There were certain features that didn’t make sense to have included in the UnFairchild design because it would have strayed too far from the mission of faithfully recreating the original Fairchild circuit. Being outside the boundaries of the original Fairchild circuit doesn’t make these new features any less desirable. An optional add on product was and is the perfect solution. With these added features, UnFairchild users can have an authentic hardware recreation of the legendary vintage musicality of an original Fairchild WITH a level of control and flexibility that many plugins don’t even offer. It is truly unfair.

FB/FF Control
We added the FB/FF control so you can get the full benefits of applying Feed Forward (“FF”) compression to the UnFairchild circuit. FF compression is a wonderfully aggressive sound but can be a bit unwieldy at times. Being able to blend the Feed-Forward (“FF”) signal with the Feedback (“FB”) signal allows you to add just the right amount to get that amazing aggressive sound without having the compression fall of a cliff of over compressing.

HP Freq Control
Many of you are likely already aware of the practice of High Passing the side chain signal on a compressor. For those of us that like to have a lot of low end in our mixes, it is helpful to make the compressor LESS sensitive to those frequencies so it is not mostly reacting to only the low fre- quencies and pulling down the volume of the overall mix. The HP FREQ control allows you to control this issue.

Mix Control
Many of you are likely already aware of “parallel” compression. With parallel compression, you are blending the compressed signal with the original uncompressed signal instead of only hearing the compressed signal. It allows you to use more extreme compression settings without having the signal sound too compressed. Why is this useful? Why wouldn’t you just use a less extreme compression setting if you want it to sound less compressed? Blending more extreme compression can sound very different than simply setting the compressor less extreme.

Output Control
As mentioned in the “Front Panel Controls” section, we have found that the UnFairchild can sound really good when pushing A LOT of level through it. By reducing the output level, you can get the benefits of pushing a lot of level without clipping the input of whatever device comes after it.

Added Features:
  • Wet/Dry Mix (for parallel compression)
  • Feedforward/Feedback Mix
  • HP Filtering for Sidechain
  • Output Gain Control
  • Feedforward Compression in M/S modes
  • Averaged Stereo Linking
  • Included harness for easy plug and play
  • All done with high voltage Class A audio circuits to preserve sonic integrity