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About Us

We're Portugal’s leading supplier of professional studio equipment and studio design.
Welcome to Arda Suppliers.

Established in 2017 by professional audio engineers, we've been on the other side of a sale and we know what our clients expect from a good pro audio outfitter. Committed to building long lasting relationships within our industry, we pride ourselves in only dealing with the best manufacturers in the market.

Although we don't sell consumer equipment, we believe that "professional" doesn't always have to mean "expensive" and our team will gladly work with you to better serve your needs within your budget.

Whether you're equipping a new facility from the ground up, making your first gear purchase or just looking to add something to your arsenal, you can rely on us to provide honest advice, based on years and years of real experience in professional recording, mixing & mastering studios.

Not only do we sell gear, we also design and build world class recording, mixing and mastering studios. We focus not only in providing the best acoustic environment possible, but also in the practical usage of the spaces. Our designs take into consideration whether you’re building a private studio - so we can understand what makes sense for you as an user - or a commercial facility, in which case our background in that industry is a big advantage in understanding your client’s needs.

We're based in Arda Recorders' amazing location, in Porto, Portugal. This 5 studio complex, designed and built by us, provides a world class environment to demo anything you need before buying (please make an appointment before dropping by).

Send us an email, talk with us by chat or call us during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9h30-18h30 GMT) to talk about your next gear purchase!