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Product Description

The Newfanlged Audio Recirculate isn’t just a delay plug-in - it’s the distilled essence of what a feedback echo should be. By stripping away the baggage and focusing on the sound and control, Newfangled have created the perfect tool for adding depth and dimension to your mixes.

A feedback delay can add rhythmic spice to your production, but the options are on-beat, or off-beat. Recirculate fixes this by adding control over the all important first echo. Set a downbeat echo with dotted repeats for a subtle shuffle feel. Or an eighth note first echo with quarter note repeats for a straight echo on the upbeats. It sounds simple, but it’s an incredibly powerful rhythmic tool.

The brilliant thing about a feedback delay is that the character gets applied over and over with each repeat. Recirculate has 7 overdrive character options, 4 noise options, a compressor, modulation, granular delay, and a reverb that goes from slightly diffuse to epic, all of which get applied to each repeat. Again, and again. For Brando levels of character.


  • Simple Yet Deep: Craft complex rhythmic echoes effortlessly with Recirculate, the intuitive delay plug-in designed for instant sonic enhancement
  • Dual Time Control: Manipulate initial delays and repeats independently for unparalleled rhythmic diversity
  • Flexible Delay Behaviors: Choose from Standard, Pitch Warp, and Granular delay modes for unparalleled creative versatility
  • Sync with Precision: Quickly align your echoes with note values, steps, or milliseconds for perfect timing
  • Shape Your Sound: Mold your echoes with high and low cut filters featuring morphable shape controls
  • Transient Designer: Keep or remove transients in your echoes, ensuring rhythmic precision without clutter
  • Dynamic Mastery: In-built Compressor, Ducker, and Gate offer advanced control over echo dynamics
  • Character Section: Delve into 21 unique character and noise combinations for a distinct echo personality
  • Ethereal Reverb: Enrich your echoes with a sublime reverb, perfect for creating diffuse repeats or lush tails
  • Soundstage Controls: Utilize Chorus, Spread, and XFeed to add depth and dimension
  • Dry FX: Blend Recirculate’s character and tone into the dry path to integrate the delay and elevate the whole performance