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Product Description

The Gefell M 221 condenser microphone combines universal small-diaphragm capsule technology with a metal diaphragm and a modular preamplifier. By using a type-tested measuring microphone capsule in combination with a preamplifier with 48V phantom power, which is common in recording technology, a constant amplitude and phase frequency response as well as particularly long-term stable transmission properties are achieved.

Due to its small capsule diameter, the M 221 is particularly suitable for applications in which the least possible influence on the sound field is desired. It is recommended as a main microphone for recordings that should have a certain amount of space, as well as a support microphone for the very close pick-up of instruments, where it is important to transmit low frequencies true to the original. In addition, it can be used to set up multi-channel main microphone arrangements such as AB stereophony or Decca Tree, for which it is particularly suitable with its precise and long-term stable transmission properties. Thanks to the capsule designed as a pressure receiver, the M 221 has excellent transient behavior and is therefore particularly suitable for holding instruments with a high pulse content. With the two supplied spherical attachments of different sizes, an increase in the high frequency range can be generated acoustically to increase the presence and to compensate for the high frequency drop in the diffuse field. The M 221 can also be used in unfavorable climatic conditions, especially with regard to temperature and humidity, for which the TA 202 drying adapter is available as an accessory.

Operating the M 221 with the KA 3 ball attachment increases the amplitude frequency response, which starts at approx. 1 kHz and continues at 3 dB from approx. 4 kHz up to approx. 12 kHz. When using the KA 4 ball attachment, the treble boost also begins at approx. 1 kHz and is constant at 3 dB between 3 kHz and 12 kHz.


  • Small diaphragm capsule
  • Metal diaphragm
  • Pressure transducer
  • Free field equalization
  • Transformerless