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Product Description

The Locomotive Z CAR revolutionizes the way you capture and audition your performances. This compact unit allows you to connect any instrument to your preferred mic preamp and record your signal. But that's not all - with the Z CAR, you can then send the recorded signal to your pedal chain or amp of choice, all from a single box!

One of the standout features of the ZCAR is its mu-metal shielded transformer. This transformer ensures that the 1/4" jacks and XLR jacks are isolated from each other, providing proper input and output impedances on each side. This means you can focus more on your performance and less on technical requirements. Additionally, since the Z  CAR is a passive device, it doesn't require any external power source. Simply plug it in and start playing, anytime and anywhere!

The name "Z CAR" is derived from the concept of impedance in audio, denoted by the letter Z. The Locomotive Z CAR lives up to its name by incorporating a high-quality transformer that ensures the appropriate impedances are available throughout the signal chain.

As a passive DI (Direct Injection) box, the Z CAR takes your instrument signal and transforms it into a format suitable for any mic preamp. This gives you the flexibility to choose the level of coloration you desire for the captured signal. Use a clean preamp to retain the natural characteristics of your instrument, or introduce some grit and character before sending the signal back out to your amp in Amp-Up mode. The Z CAR features a three-position switch that allows you to select the desired level of attenuation.

Once you've recorded your signal in your DAW, you can send it out to any amplifier of your choice. The Amp-Up function offers two modes: a standard frequency response mode and "Big Roll" mode. In "Big Roll" mode, the signal undergoes a high-frequency rolloff at a rate of 6dB per octave, starting at 1kHz.

The Locomotive Z CAR is built to last, with its heavy-duty steel enclosure designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, whether in the studio or on the road. It also features a versatile pad switch that works in both DI and Amp-Up modes, providing further control over your signal. The DI output and Amp-Up input XLRs are balanced and isolated from each other, ensuring optimal signal integrity.

Capture your performances with ease and audition them through any pedal or amp later with the Locomotive Z CAR. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and sonic possibilities that this versatile unit has to offer.


  • Custom-wound American
MuMetal shielded transformer
  • Converts instrument-level to mic-level signal in DI mode
  • Converts line-level into instrument-level signal in Amp-Up mode
  • Heavy Duty Steel Enclosure
  • Pad: 0dB, -12dB & 18dB works in DI & Amp-Up modes
  • Amp-Up "BIG ROLL" sets a 1kHz gentle 6dB/octave high frequency rolloff to the signal


  • Amp-up input impedance: > 2kΩ
  • Di input impedance:
324 x input impedance of connected preamp, 388KΩ (-12dB Pad), 324kΩ (-18dB Pad)
  • Balanced XLR output:
DI Source impedance ÷ 324 (no pad), 330Ω (-12dB Pad), 140Ω (-18dB Pad)