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Eventide Omnipressor

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Introduced in the early 1970s, the Omnipressor® was the first dynamics effects processor of any kind. Originally invented by Eventide's founder, Richard Factor (and later redesigned for production by John Paul), the Omnipresssor made a host of effects possible. It featured variable control of all aspects of dynamic modification. It also introduced the notion of the 'side chain' and foretold techniques that today we take for granted like 'look ahead' processing.

The Omnipressor plug-in is a faithful emulation of the "black-face" unit and is popular among some of the world's leading producers and engineers as a dynamics-modifier with variable expressive controls of all aspects of a signal's dynamics. The Function control allows you to set compression and expansion ratios over a wide, continuous range from extreme expansion to infinite compression and beyond - dynamic reversal which reverses a sound’s envelope, making loud sounds quiet and quiet sounds loud.

One of our first customers was a young Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen. With the Omnipressor in his rig, his sound was never the same again.


    • Dynamics processing for creating otherwordly sounds
    • Variable control of attack and release time
    • Variable control of maximum gain and maximum attenuation 
    • Function control sets ratio over a continuous range from extreme expansion to infinite compression and beyond to dynamic reversal
    • Gating: Set a threshhold and signals whose amplitudes fall below the threshhold value are 'squooshed'
    • Expansion: Widen a signal's dynamic range. Loud gets louder, soft gets softer
    • Compression: Variable control of compression ratio
    • Infinite compression: Obliterates a signal's dynamics - everything comes out at the same level
    • Limiting: Versatile, fast limiter
    • Dynamic Reversal: First of its kind. Soft signals come out loud, loud signals come out soft. Simulates tape reversal 
    • Intuitive interface makes it simple to operate with the use of a function dial
    • Dozens of presets to help you explore the unique and inspirational sounds of the tool used on countless hit records