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Product Description

The Weight Tank Compressor, or WT-COMP, is a versatile audio processing tool that combines compression and boosting capabilities with unique characteristics such as weight, harmonics, and character. It is designed to leave a distinctive mark on any material passing through its circuitry, offering a smooth and euphonic sound through its soft-knee vari-mu compression and rich, vibrant harmonic saturation.

Key components of the WT-COMP include three all-steel transformers that contribute to the unit's big, thick, and colored results. These transformers play a crucial role in shaping the sound, adding a unique sonic character to the processed audio.

To maintain the desired warmth and tonal characteristics, the audio signal passes through two vacuum tubes within the WT-COMP. This tube circuitry imparts a smooth and pleasing warmth to the sound, enhancing its overall quality.

The WT-COMP features custom metering with a backlit meter that accurately displays the amount of gain reduction applied to the signal. This visual feedback allows for precise monitoring and control over the compression levels.

With variable attack and release timing, the WT-COMP offers great flexibility in shaping the dynamics of the audio. The user can adjust the attack and release parameters to control how quickly or slowly the compressor responds to changes in the input signal, enabling fine-tuning of the compression effect.

The WT-COMP introduces two distinct modes: "Round" and "Drive." In "Round" mode, the compressor provides a smooth, sweet, and pure tone, emphasizing transparency and clarity. On the other hand, when switched to "Drive" mode, the compressor enhances the harmonic structure of the audio, resulting in a more driven and saturated tone. This mode adds an extra layer of richness and character to the processed sound.

In summary, the Weight Tank Compressor, or WT-COMP, is a powerful audio processing tool that combines compression and boosting capabilities with unique tonal characteristics. Its soft-knee vari-mu compression, rich harmonic saturation, transformer-based design, tube circuitry, custom metering, and variable attack and release timing provide users with a range of options for shaping the sound. Whether seeking a smooth and transparent tone or a driven and colored character, the WT-COMP delivers exceptional results and adds a distinct sonic stamp to any audio material.


  • XLR input and output connections 
  • Stereo Link 1/4" TS jack on rear
  • 6BC8 and 12AU7 tubes
  • Stereo Link switch 
  • Hard-wire bypass switch 
  • 6BC8 balance adjustment on interior of unit 
  • Custom backlit Gain Reduction Meter 
  • Steel input, interstage and output transformers 
  • Hand-built in USA
  • Heavy 16 gauge steel chassis 
  • 115v/230v AC mains option on rear 
  • 2-year warranty parts and labor


  • Tubes: (1) 6BC8, (1) 12AU7
  • Input load impedance: 5kΩ
  • Output impedance: <1kΩ
  • Variable Attack: 12 mS - 50 mS)
  • Variable Release: (200 mS - 2 Sec)
  • Compression ratio 3.5:1
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz 
  • THD+N: <1% Round || >5% Drive 
  • S/N ratio: >70dB
  • Dimensions: 19"w x 3.5"h x 10"d (2u rackspace)
  • Shipping Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Power Consumption (120/240VAC): 25 watts