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Product Description

The RTM10 is a 3-way active DSP studio monitor featuring a pure aluminum ribbon tweeter, an aluminum mid range driver and a high excursion aluminum subwoofer. With a frequency response ranging from 28Hz to 20kHz with incredibly low distortion, the RTM10 also provides endless dynamic range, ultra fast transient response, and stunning stereo imaging, unparalleled for its physical size.

The in-house made true ribbon tweeter in the RTM10 is the result of many years of Mesanovic’s continued pursuit for ribbon transducer perfection. The tweeter is matched with an in-house manufactured step up transformer utilizing the same toroidal cores found in Mesanovic’s microphone transformers. This tailor-made transformer creates a tweeter with exceptionally low distortion - while the near weightlessness of the ribbon allows for a transient response unmatched by soft dome, metal dome and other conventional tweeter technologies. 

Hypex’s NCore Class D amplifiers power the RTM10. These amps offer the ultimate in clarity, resolution and musicality. They are paired with custom DSP tuning to create a flat frequency response and perfect phase response. Each speaker has a combined 650 Watts of power producing endless dynamic range and low distortion even at high listening levels. There are three subwoofer level adjustments to control the low end depending on the listening environment.

Where the RTM10 shines is its effortless dynamic range, accuracy, and transparency. The combination of low distortion drivers with sealed cabinets of optimized geometry creates a listening experience that makes mixing and mastering more enjoyable than ever. Each speaker is measured and calibrated in an anechoic chamber ensuring compliance with strict tolerances for frequency, phase, and distortion requirements. The ribbon tweeter’s controlled vertical directivity removes unwanted reflections from floors and ceilings, while its wide horizontal dispersion compliments the mid range driver to create exceptional stereo imaging. A critically chosen crossover point allows for the mirrored cabinets to have subwoofers facing in or out - ensuring that all the frequencies reproduced by the subwoofers are omni directional, making their placement completely up to the end user.

When paired with Mesanovic’s Iso Platform the result is a world-class system that can be enjoyed in any studio setup or listening environment with accurate, reliable, and enjoyable results.