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Product Description

Quasar MKII is perfectly suited for nearfield, midfield or mains monitoring in all but the largest of rooms. Like its compact sibling, Quasar MKII features custom SEAS drivers that employ cutting edge materials designed in collaboration with Composite Sound.

These leverage Metamodal TXmid ranges and tweeters, acoustically inert, sealed Valchromat® cabinets, Hypex Ncore® amps, AKM AK5572ENx & AK4493EQ conversion, and ground up 5th generation SHARC® DSP. Like all our monitors, they offer an ultra-wide sweet spot, linear phase and magnitude response, vanishingly low distortion and superb transient response, for effortless clarity and highly detailed insight into your mixes. But with twice as many subs, and nearly twice as much power as Pulsar MKII, you can add ridiculous low frequency extension and earth shattering output to that list as well.

Hyper accurate tools? Massive sounding client pleasers? With Quasar, you get both.


  • Linear Frequency Response: +/- 1db 29hz - 32khz
  • Low Frequency Cutoff: -6db at 24hz
  • Linear Phase Response: +/- 15° 20hz - 30khz
  • Maximum Continuous SPL @ 1m: 114db, 109db @50hz
  • THD+N (94db @ 1m): < .5% Power Average 100hz - 30khz
  • Constant Directivity Index: 90° conical (+/- 3db to 18khz)


  • 176mm (7”) midrange, 25mm (1”) tweeter Custom SEAS/Ex Machina/Composite Sound Metamodal TX™ mid/high coaxial
  • Twin 221mm (9”) Custom Aluminum SEAS Extreme Series Architecture Subwoofer


  • 200hz Subs/Mid, digital 8th order, phase corrected
  • 2khz Mid/Tweet, digital 8th order, phase corrected


  • Subwoofers: Hypex NC252MP - 500W RMS
  • Midrange: Hypex NC252MP - 125W RMS
  • Tweeter: Hypex NC100HF - 75W RMS, voltage limited


  • A/D Chipsets: AKM AK5572EN
  • D/A Chipsets: AKM AK4493EQ
  • DSP: 5th Gen SHARC+ AD21565


  • 2vrms to full scale


  • 741mm H x 289mm W x 345mm D (29.2" x 11.3" x 13.6")
  • 35kg (77lbs)