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ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3 MkIII

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Product Description

The Opticom XLA-3 is an all-tube optical limiter designed by ACME Audio that takes inspiration from the classic Teletronix LA2A.

Loving the LA2A’s smooth natural compression characteristics but seeking to improve upon its single compression speed inspired us to develop the XLA-3. The heart of the XLA-3 is a unique triple optoelectronic circuit that combines the best characteristics of 3 separate compression curves into a single unit. The result: a high-speed optical limiter with tones that range from ‘clean’ to ‘harmonically rich’ to ‘dirty.’

MkIII version adds stereo link capabilities to previous units, with a on/off switch for stereo link added to the front panel. Current product picture shows MkII unit.


  • All tube circuitry
  • High-speed cadmium-selenide (CdSe) photocells
  • Custom Bakelite analog control knobs
  • 15db switchable input pad
  • Hand-wired 2 stage bypass switch
  • Triple optoelectronic circuit
  • Cinemag input transformer
  • 115/230V AC Mains
  • Stereo link connector
  • Micalex tube sockets