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Product Description

The DAV Electronics BG5 MkII is a Decca Heritage channel strip based on the BG1 preamp, BG503 EQ and the BG504 Optical compressor all housed in a 1U 19” rack.

The DAV Electronics BG5 delivers the same stunning quality and incredible value for money as all other products in range, based on equipment designed for Decca Studios. The Preamp section, just as the BG1 delivers massive gain with incredibly low noise and distortion, retaining the signal’s purity throughout. The BG5 has a click detente input gain switch and sucks everything out of the microphone for a huge sound. A 1.8Meg Ohms DI input is also included for use with guitars, basses and keyboards. The preamp section also includes polarity reversal switch, a 26dB Pad and a 12dB /oct high pass filter at 68Hz.

Following the preamp is the same three-band EQ found on the BG503 500-series EQ module. Both low and high frequency band provide +/- 8dB of gain and 6 frequencies position. The low frequency band ranges from 12.5Hz, 25Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200 Hz and 400Hz while the high band covers the 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz and 32kHz frequencies. The Mid frequency uses the same resonant design as the BG503 with up to 12dB of cut/boost and generously overlaps both low and high bands with frequencies ranging from 240Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 3kHz, 4kHz and 5kHz.
Finally the BG5 features a low-noise and low-distortion optical compressor and limiter with a continuous ratio ranging from a mild 2:1 to the more aggressive 10:1. Recovery time ranges from a fast 0.5seconds all the way up to 3 seconds. A Stereo Link connection is also included to link two units together for proper stereo operation.

DAV Electronics BG5 MkIIFeatures:
Mic Amp + D.I.       

  • Frequency response: 10Hz >> 150KHz ± 0.25dB         
  • Mic gain range:    22dB >> 66dB in 4dB steps. [pad in -4dB - 40dB]
  • Distortion: Less than 0.01% Typ, 0.001% 1KHz @ +20dBu o/p         
  • High pass filter: 68Hz @ 12dB per octave
  • Noise: 25 microvolts [-110dB ref+20 dBu. Bandwidth 10Hz-18KHz input loaded 150 ohms, 32dB gain].         
  • Phase reversal: Switched
  • 48v phantom: Switched         
  • 26dB pads: Switched
  • D.I. input: High impedance [1.8 Meg Ohms]       
  • D.I. gain range: -4 > 40dB in 4dB steps


  • Gain: Unity Gain
  • Low Frequency Step: 12.5Hz, 25Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz and 400Hz +/-8dB
  • High Frequency Step: 2KHz, 4KHz, 8KHz, 12KHz, 16KHz and 32KHz +/-8dB
  • Mid Frequency Resonant: Q = 1.5   240Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 3KHz, 4KHz and 5KHz +/-12dB                     

Optical Limiter / Compressor      

  • Continuously variable ratio ranging from 2:1 to 10:1         
  • Ratio: 2:1 > 10:1         
  • Input Gain: +8dB (adjustable)
  • Threshold: 18 >-2dB         
  • Gain Make Up: +14dB (adjustable)
  • Recovery Time: 0.5 > 3 seconds 
  • Stereo Link connector for proper stereo operation with two BG5     

Overall Specifications                    

  • Level Indication: Red LED +18dB - Green LED +8dB  -Green LED 0dB        
  • Gain Reduction: Green LED -2, -4, -8 and -12dB
  • Clipping Level: +29dBu        
  • Connectors: Input - XLR, Jack (DI Input) Electronically balanced I/O
  • Output: XLR
  • Dimensions: depth 150mm [6 inches]