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Product Description

Introduced in the early 1970s, the Omnipressor® was the first dynamics effects processor of any kind. Originally invented by Eventide's founder, Richard Factor (and later redesigned for production by John Paul), the Omnipresssor made a host of effects possible. It featured variable control of all aspects of dynamic modification. It also introduced the notion of the 'side chain' and foretold techniques that today we take for granted like 'look ahead' processing.

The new Omnipressor Model 2830Au is a faithful replica designed with the same circuitry and the same sound as the original 2830, now with a universal power supply and more convenient TRS/XLR connectors, as an alternative to the original terminal strip.


  • Dynamics Processing capable of creating otherworldly sounds
  • Dynamic Reversal: the first of its kind, soft signals come out loud and loud signals come out quiet, simulating tape reversal
  • Function Control sets a ratio over a continuous range allowing extreme expansion to infinite compression, and beyond into dynamic reversal
  • Variable Control of attack and release time
  • Variable Control of maximum gain and maximum attenuation
  • Side Chain allows the level detection to be driven by another audio source
  • Gating: amplitudes of signals that fall below a set threshold are ‘squooshed’
  • Expansion: widen a signal’s dynamic range. Louder gets louder, softer gets softer
  • Compression offers variable control of compression ratio
  • Infinite Compression makes everything to come out at the same level
  • Limiting: a fast, versatile limiter
  • Clean and Intuitive Interface makes it easy to operate