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Relab Development VSR S24

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VSR S24 is an exhaustive stereo emulation of the iconic high-end TC Electronic VSS6.1 algorithm for both music and post productions. Relab has painstakingly captured every quirk and characteristic of this complex and inspiring hardware. The VSR S24 plugin goes far beyond the original hardware by using the exact same reverb technology and introducing a true stereo reverb operation mode and functions not found on the original.

VSR S24 excels at applying ‘prettier than life’ reverberation to many sources of a mix or complete stereo/multichannel stems. It adds complex Early Reflection as well as an incredible uncorrelated diffused reverberation to the signal. VSR S24 is the first professional reverb with multiple selectable reverberation engines which can completely change the overall spaciousness, color and reverb characteristics to simulate any environment accurately.


  • Extensive selections of Early Reflection patterns, ranging from studios to various concert halls - Bathroom, Theater, Church, Vienna Halls, etc.
  • Customizable Early Reflection section - Optional choice between 1st – 3rd order reflections, Front/rear direction controls.
  • Selectable reverberation engines and characteristics - True stereo operation, Up to 5 engines with separate controls
  • High precision calculations compared to the original - Improved sound quality, Improved filter precision calculations, Improved frequency calculations, Reduced noise.
  • Enhanced parameter range - Extensive modulation range, Continuous parameter range.


Unique User Interface for advanced customization

The GUI display is completely customizable with sliders for Hue, Color Saturation and Brightness. The layer effects are customizable, or can even be replaced, for a completely different look. The Reflection slider controls the amount ofreflection on the main display pane and the Backlight slider adjusts the apparent brightness of the display pane’s backlight.