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Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core

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The Zen Tour Synergy Core desktop interface is all about making it easier for you to effortlessly enter the creative flow and make album-ready recordings. The high-fidelity conversion and sharp transient response of the interface is typically reserved for professional studios and the workflow possibilities are usually only achievable with complex setups

With connectivity options rarely accessible in a unit of this size, you can cover the needs of your small band and connect all your external gear simultaneously. Set up your hybrid workflow by recording with signature Antelope AD/DA while processing the signal at near zero latency with analog-modeled effects emulating legendary studio gear down to the component level.

Use the effects during post-production by loading them on up to 32 channel strips with 8 FX each for a total of 256 FX instances with all processing done entirely inside the interface. Increase your productivity by modifying your workflow and focus on one thing – making music!

Zen Tour Synergy Core offers a choice of 4 instrument/line ins, 4 combo mic/line ins with 65dB of gain, 8 line outs, 1 stereo monitor out, 2 stereo headphone outs and 2 reamp outs. The unit is digitally expandable over ADAT & S/PDIF for additional 10 digital ins and 10 outs when used at up to 48kHz. All line outs are DC-coupled and ready for control voltage (CV) applications such as control of modular synthesizers. As a final touch, an integrated talkback microphone lets you easily communicate with your artists.

The moment you unbox the audio interface, you already have access to a FX library with emulations of most coveted and hard-to-find studio analog gear from around the world. The library does not lack in variety – the collection spans from a rare Austrian-born EQ to legendary British solid state processing. A growing library of expansions starting from $55 is available to you in the Antelope software store. Use the FX during live tracking or during post-production to add distinct analog flavor to your mix.


Analog I/O

  • 4 × Hi-Z/Line instrument inputs
  • 4 × Mic/Line inputs on combo XLR jacks
  • 8 × DC-coupled line outputs on DB25
  • 1 × Monitor output pair
  • 2 × Stereo headphone outputs
  • 2 × Reamp outputs

    Digital I/O

    • 1 × ADAT (8 inputs × 8 outputs) 44.1 kHz – 48 kHz | (4 inputs × 4 outputs) 88.2 kHz – 96 kHz | (2 inputs × 2 outputs) 176.4 kHz – 192 kHz
    • 1 × S/PDIF (2 inputs × 2 outputs) 44.1 kHz -192 kHz
    • Thunderbolt™ 3 (Up to 32 channels)
    • High-Speed USB 2.0 (Up to 24 channels)

    AD/DA Conversion

    • Dynamic Range A/D Converter: 124 dB | THD+N A/D Converter -110dB THD+N
    • Dynamic Range D/A Converter (Line outputs): 127 dB | THD+N D/A Converter (Line outputs) -106dB THD+N
    • Dynamic Range D/A Converter (Monitor outputs): 130 dB | THD+N D/A (Monitor outputs) -115dB THD+N


    • 4th Gen 64-bit DDS
    • Acoustically Focused Clocking