New BURL cards for the B16/B80 Mothership

Posted by Miguel on

BURL Audio released several new cards for their B16/B80 Mothership systems including the B22 ORCA Control Room Monitor daughter card, the BAD4M & BDAM4 daughter card. B22 ORCA Control Room Monitor The B22 ORCA utilizes the same analogue, all-discrete circuit path philosophy as other BURL Audio products with an emphasis on sonic transparency and 3D stereo imaging.Featuring the BURL NextGen BOPA14 op-amps, the B22 delivers “tight bass and high definition throughout the audio spectrum”. The B22 ORCA employs 4 DAC channels. The first two are mix/mastering grade DAC channels with switchable BX5 output transformers. These channels can be used to...

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